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Piper Dominguez Coaching

Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit

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About Me

Mindset and Transformational Coaching Professional

I am a fully-certified master coach with over a decade of experience in helping people achieve greater wellbeing. Using a wholistic approach, I help uncover and shift any blocks keeping you from living the fullest expression of your life possible. Working together you will in gain more clarity and confidence so that you can own your magic and show up authentically and unapologetically in your life. 


WISE: Creating a sacred and safe space for deep self understanding in order to  gently realign you with your true north. 

A HEART WARRIOR:  Combining  the compassion of the heart with the strength of the warrior to support you in confidently claiming your desires.

PURPOSEFUL: Bringing clarity and action to intentionally be on purpose with your goals.

CONNECTED: Offering a sense of grounding to reconnect you with yourself.  

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Are you ready to live a guilt free life?

Are you...

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by a never ending to-do list? 

  • Are you allowing too many should's in your life? Tired of feeling like you're not enough?

  • Is taking care of everyone else leaving you feeling drained and exhausted? 

  • You feel stressed for time?

  • Are you desiring a safe space to feel heard and acknowledged? 

I help women...

  • Get crystal clear on your desires and out of confusion so that you can reclaim your purpose and life.

  • Feel more confident and energized as you dissolve doubt and fear stopping you.

  • Reconnect with your intuition and aliveness by busting through old stories that keep you feeling stuck.

  • Create more harmony and balance and move away from chaos and overwhelm.

  • Be in a calm safe space where you can be heard, seen, acknowledged and supported.

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Step Into Your Potential

A few years ago I was feeling really unhappy and resentful of my life. I was an overwhelmed mom, trying to establish a  business and balance a never ending to-do list. I had a desire to do and be more yet felt guilty because I never seemed to have enough time for everything or everyone in my life, especially for myself. I yearned  to wake up excited everyday knowing that I was not only living my life purpose but I was also purposefully living my life. Instead, everyday felt like I was caught in a never ending cycle of chaos.  I got more and more frustrated the further I got from my desire. I began working with a coach who taught me how to put my self first and showed me how to align with my values. I had  a lot of fear, doubt and old stories that were keeping me safe but also stopping me from truly owning my life. As I began to bust through the blocks holding me back I began to feel more empowered.  My confidence grew and from that space, I was able to create a more balanced life, one that I truly love and that totally lights me up. 

If you are ready to live a more peaceful, purposeful and passionate life then let's chat. 

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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself". 

George Bernard Shaw

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“A chance encounter at a coffee shop led to a complete life transformation. I was without direction and purpose, and struggling with depression and alcohol. I happened to run into Piper at a local coffee shop and she invited me to a visionboard-making event she was hosting. I was at a low point in my life, looking for a way out, and felt like this might help me find something, anything. A vision board was created and I felt inspired by Piper and the other people that attended the event. I signed up for the Find Your Flourish: 90-Day Transformation. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With the insight, guidance, and support from Piper I am now 16 months sober, I’ve trained and ran a marathon, I completed another Bachelor’s degree, I received a promotion at work, and I’ve climbed the tallest mountains in New Mexico and Arizona. Piper helped give me the confidence to keep up with my goals and to set new ones. I’ve continued to work with Piper and now feel like I am at one of highest point in my life. I now have a vision for the future, the confidence to pursue my goals, and the insight to keep myself accountable. Thank you Piper!”

Laura B.

Working with Piper was an amazing experience, she is like a breath of fresh air. She made me feel 100% comfortable being vulnerable with her which really helped me refine and work toward my goals. The process was very eye opening to me. I learned new things about myself and how to accurately communicate to myself and others my true feelings and goals. I think the biggest win was my renewed self awareness and how to step back and really listen to my body.  I would definitely recommend working with Piper. It was such an awarding experience.

Ashley G.

Amazing listener and life coach. Not easy to find someone that takes such a well rounded holistic approach in helping others reach their goals. Highly recommend Piper of your looking to grow in any particular direction this year.

Dana K

I had my first session with Piper this morning. It was the most freeing experience I’ve had in a very long time. Who knew that in depth conversation and guidance could help put someone back on track to a better life. She’s so patient and listens intently on what your issues are. I’m looking forward to working with her again soon!

Ty C.

Piper is a warm heart, a kind, non-judgmental ear, who empowers and her clients to re-frame their worst thoughts, feelings, and fears into tools for their betterment.”

Chris M.

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