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Where Did My Mojo Go?

It started not long ago when I woke up one day feeling like I had lost my mojo somewhere along the way of motherhood. I had become that mother I thought I would never be. I sat feeling disenchanted with our choices for the we go to the zoo again or to the playground or to explora for the umpteenth time? Where had my passion and zest for life gone? I wasn’t sure but it was obviously not present and neither was I. Sometimes it takes a wake up call or reminder to realize how far from our center we have drifted. It was one of those days I wanted to wake up to something different, something new but that was not my reality; it was just another groundhog day.

How is it that I woke up one day and realize just how far from my dreams and goals I had come? When did I realize my compass had turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction from where I started and I have been walking unconsciously through life? When did I become aware that life is leading me instead of being the captain of my own ship? I found myself looking at this person looking back at me in the mirror not sure which one of us was doing the looking. I had become a drifter traveling without a destination searching for home but not knowing where that was.

I recently saw a film that brought up many unanswered questions. It made me question this longing inside of me that drives this search for something more. It made me question my choices, my paths, my experiences. It made me question my STORY.

I believe the universe is constantly reflecting back to us that which we need to address and at the same time revealing clues to our questions. This series of thoughts and questioning is not new for me. It seems to constantly be at the forefront of my thought process. However, when it becomes more than just a thought process I know it is a call to recenter and refocus on my dreams and my goals. It is an opportunity to change my story.

Sometimes when I am going through the motions of life I find myself getting caught up in the mundane day to dayness of it all and I forget about why I am here. This journey has been about bringing more PASSION back into my life so that I can consciously step into my life purpose. I want to reawaken to the possibilities of my existence, to feel alive, to be reminded once again that it all starts with me. It is about resetting my inner compass and getting quiet so that I can listen to my heart’s desire.

So how do we change our story when we have come so far from what we thought our story was. How do we change directions when we don’t know where we want to go? How do we know where our true north is when it feels like our compass is broken? How do we know what we want it to feel like if we don’t know how we feel?

I am very much looking forward to this inner exploration and I invite you to join in the conversation if you feel called. What is showing up in your life that is wanting attention? What are the deeper questions seeking answers? What are the stories you have been telling yourself?

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