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Reflections on 2020

I have been reflecting back and remembering the hope I held and the commitments I wanted to make at this same time last year, having no idea that in three months time all our lives would change, some for the better and some for the worst. Little did we know that as a nation we would become more isolated and divided but also have the chance to feel a longing and hope for that which may have been lost.

Many have suffered this past year. It has left many of those people with a sense of desperation and even possibly bitterness towards life. Others, became the new hero’s of our time, fighting the good fight while for many, life has pretty much stayed the course. We have been witness to and personally experienced loss, suffering and death. However, behind so much of that there has also been a new found sense of hope, a different way of being and navigating through the world where gratitude leads elevating us to a greater sense of purpose and connection to Spirit.

It was a change that perhaps the world needed to call us back to our hearts. Instead of comforting ourselves with the outer, with distractions and material comforts, we were forced to go within and find our inner compass guiding us to a new way of being. It offered an opportunity to wrap ourselves in a prayer blanket and get quiet enough to hear the inner voice which constantly comes from within which, the noisy outer world so often muffles. It was a time to shed that which no longer serves more life and a greater vision and let it all go in order to hold space for the possibilities and blessings of what is to come as we cross the threshold of a new year.

Our way of being was no longer sustainable, not for the survival of our species nor for our home, Mother Earth. What if we were the ones to create all of this through our toxic thoughts and actions, our polluted world overrun by the patriarchy and love of power. A collective virus of selfishness and disconnect that feeds on the fear of a nation but that also carries with it the hope of change, love and light. Where there is great darkness there is always great light. This undiscerning virus which has left all of us susceptible to its effects bears the name of “crown”; suggesting a divine sovereignty which opens the way for a new renaissance. As Carl Jung said, “In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” If only we all understood that we were born for this, that there is no mistake in our being here at this time.

My wish for this new year for myself and also for the world is that we all find the connection within and seek to find the gratitude and blessings of this life. From that place, may we feel the connection that links us all together as humans so that even through the many trials and tribulations one may face, we may meet them and each other with more love and compassion.

I hope that we can learn to stop pushing against each other but learn to stand with and for one another even in our differences. May we recognize how fragile life can be so that we do not take one moment for granted but choose to be present to each moment of our life that is given.

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